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BEING ORIGINALLY WOODLAND FOLK, gnomes are natural gardeners and repay tolerance from humans by making their gardens flourish. Gardeners who suspect a gnome has moved in with them should observe certain rules of etiquette if they wish to avoid scaring them away. Most important is not to mention your suspicion to anyone outside the household.

Gnomes do not mind too much if their garden's owners suspect their presence (as long as they are suitably discreet and respectful and accidentally-on-purpose leave the odd treat out) but if they start boasting about it to their friends, the gnomes will immediately up sticks and move away. Also it is best not to complain at any unexpected mess in the garden shed. Gnomes are not very tidy when it comes to borrowing our tools and are likely to take offence at complaints, given how much they do to keep the garden itself in order.

This tiny fellow assured us that his is the most common size for gnomes. Only, he said, they are the least noticed just because they are so small. How right he was has been impossible to determine however because all gnomes seem to think their size is normal.