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HERE WE SEE TWO GNOMES who have just got married, picking mushrooms for their honeymoon. This lasts a whole month and is spent in some secret place they have prepared in advance. They see none of their family and friends during this time, but use it to decide where to live. More than this, gnomes usually decline to say. One guesses that a honeymoon for them is much the same as with us, only less rushed. One couple shyly showed us their honeymoon place, a makeshift bower near a waterfall, and went all dewy-eyed at the recollection. Some gnomes even stay on and make their homes where they honeymoon, but usually the place is too remote for them to enjoy long.

The dark before dawn is reckoned to be the best time for picking mushrooms because that is when their energy is most concentrated in the heads. Gnomes can also more or less conjure up mushrooms at will. They just whisper to the dormant plant below ground and toadstools just spring up before your very eyes. Gnomes claim there is no magic in this, they simply prompt the plant to do what it was about to do anyway; but we couldn't manage it so some kind of supernatural power surely is involved. It is a very handy talent though because it saves gnomes having to take tables and chairs with them on a picnic.