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CRYSTAL BALLS ARE VERY POPULAR with gnome wizards, witches and fortune-tellers. They use them as easily as we do televisions, but they have the advantage of being fully portable and having an infinite number of channels. Plus, not only can they show something happening a long way off, without the need for cameras, film crew or any of that paraphernalia, but they can also bring dreams to life without the dreamer needing to be asleep. So any gnome who wants to recapture a particularly wonderful dream will visit a fortune-teller and ask to borrow their crystal. Good crystals are very rare, as they have to be made from natural, flawless rock crystal that is then ground and polished into a perfect sphere. Balls made from molten glass are worthless except to gnomes so gifted with second sight that almost anything, even a drop of water on a leaf, will do.