The Archangels Triumphing Over Lucifer
Marco d'Oggiono

After Satan's fall from grace, Michael took his place as principal archangel. An apocryphal Life of Adam and Eve describes the event in Satan's own words to Adam after his own fall from Paradise. It tells how after God had created Adam he called all the angels to come and bow down, seeing that Adam had been made in God's own likeness. The archangel Michael bowed first, then commanded Satan to do the same. He refused, saying: '"I have no need to worship Adam,' And since Michael kept urging me to worship, I said to him: "Why dost thou urge me? I will not worship an inferior and younger being. I am his senior in the Creation, before he was made, I already was. It is his duty to worship me."

'When the angels who were under me heard this, they refused to worship him also. And Michael saith: "Worship the image of God, but if thou wilt not worship him, the Lord God will be wrath with thee."

'And I said: "If He be wrath with me, I will set my seat above the stars of heaven and will be like the Highest."

'And so God the Lord was wrath with me and banished me and my angels from our glory; and on thy account were we expelled from our abodes into this world and hurled onto the earth. And we were grieved when we saw thee in such joy and luxury. And with guile I cheated thy wife and caused thee to be expelled through her doing from thy joy and luxury, as I have been driven out of my glory.