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Most people imagine that gnomes, if they ever did exist, now only survive as garden ornaments that attract pitying looks from neighbours and passers-by. But Wayne and I found to our pleasant surprise that they are thriving at least as well, if not better, than ever before and don't care a whit whether we believe in them or not. There is a knack to getting to know them of course, but once you do they are as friendly and welcoming as any other race.

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Portrait courtesy of the Kent & Sussex Courier. The picture was taken in our garden by the local newspaper and features Sid, the only garden gnome statue I actually possess. It was a present from my wife on publication of the book and did indeed attract a few puzzled enquiries from neighbours.
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Overall winner of the 2001 National Art Library Illustration Awards

If you'd like to see a YouTube video of me making a fool of myself about garden gnomes click HERE.

Illustrated by Wayne Anderson
Written by Nigel Suckling
Published September 2000

Pavilion Books (EU)
Barnes & Noble (US)
ISBN: 186205 4258

'. . . a seriously strange tome, cutely illustrated.' Homes and Gardens magazine, Nov 2000

'. . . a great gift for the gnome-friendly gardener - if you can bear to part with it.'
Garden Inspirations magazine, Dec 2000


Gnome cover

Gnome cover

Gnome cover

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