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THIS IS A SLIGHTLY ODD PICTURE I know and not much like any others I've done. It was prompted by the roll-top desk it features. My brother in law John Bursnall asked me to look after it for a while when he moved to the States many years ago so I drew this picture to remind him of it in the meantime. Well, somehow he never has got around to claiming the desk and it still sits here in my study in all its glory, though not quite as tidy as it looks here because these days I'm mostly sat at a computer.

That isn't meant to look like me in the picture, incidentally. I was tempted to try imagining what I might look like thirty or so years into the future but I shied away from that and simply portrayed a stranger wearing the same sort of clothes I do and pursuing the same kind of interests. The point of the picture is that the Graal is often to be found in pages of art or writing or, my particular favourite, both. I am a big fan of illustrated books.

Most of the other items in the picture are or have been real. The row of similar books up in the top left are the collected works of Carl Jung who has been a kind of guiding light for me in life. The other fold-down desk over on the right is now in the keeping of my sister Sandra.

high resolution file available for download here