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The Ace of Spades reversed stands for endings and destruction


TAROT  CARDS  ARE  A traditional witchy medium for fortune telling and one that will repay years of study. But besides normal Tarot, there is a short version that you can play with pack of standard playing cards, preferably a well-loved and used one but this is not essential.

Standard playing cards are closely related to Tarot and are perfectly able to be used for fortune-telling, especially with this method which requires no previous knowledge of the cards' meanings. You just need to know that in general Hearts relate to matters of the heart and happiness, Clubs to effort, Diamonds to wealth and Spades to decisions. Also, because in most card games Aces can be either the highest or lowest cards in their suit, the same goes for their interpretation. They represent the possibility of either extreme – a climax or beginning.

Begin by shuffling the cards thoroughly while concentrating completely on the question in hand. If you are doing a reading for someone else, let them shuffle. When they feel ready, the enquirer touches the pack first to their forehead and then their heart before handing it to the dealer, who fans them out on a table. The enquirer then selects nine cards at random and lays them out in the following pattern and order:

2   3
4     5     6
7     8

The first card is the Key Card because its suit decides what interpretation is to be put on the rest. If it is a Heart it predicts the height of success in the sense of how happy you will feel about the outcome. If a Club it predicts that hard work is required. If it is a Diamond it predicts financial reward. If it is a Spade it predicts trouble ahead and tricky choices that will need to be made to resolve the situation.

Cards 2 and 3 predict the time it will take to resolve the situation. The lower the number, the less time it will be. If they are court cards they indicate a fruitful outcome, but only in the long term. A high and low card together indicates mixed or partial progress.

Cards 4, 5 and 6 show the station to which the resolution of the situation will elevate the enquirer in the eyes of the world in the short, medium and long term. Court cards show very high rank and the rest are in proportion. An Ace can means either disaster or outrageous success beyond anyone’s expectation.

Cards 7 and 8 show the health of the enquirer’s life partnership during the situation. The higher the numbers the better, and Hearts are particularly auspicious. Again, a high and low card together show mixed fortunes.

Card 9 indicates the health of the enquirer during the situation; the higher the card, the better. An Ace warns that serious care needs to be taken.

If you have included a joker in your pack it represents a completely unpredictable factor in your spread.