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Love Me Knot


LOVE  POTIONS,  CHARMS  AND  SPELLS have always been the most popular requests of wise-women and there are countless different ones in existence, many dating back to ancient times. In the book we give a few of the most popular. A curious fact that many hedge witches have noticed is that partners almost never complain when they learn about having first been snared with a love spell. Usually they take it as some kind of compliment.

We have not included any of the more commanding spells that are in circulation though, because it is debatable if they are truly white magic. Trying to force people to do anything against their natural inclination is very questionable and can lead to all sorts of complications in affairs of the heart. It is also worth bearing in mind the old adage 'beware of what you wish for because it just might come true'. A healthy love spell just opens a person's eyes to the possibilities before them.