One of the wonders of the internet is that it allows instant communication between people of shared interests wherever they live in the world. In this case I received an email from Panita Chaisorn of Chiangmai in Thailand who had chosen to do a university graduation project on leprechauns. However, faced with having to deliver it in a few weeks she was in a slight panic because she still had some unanswered questions about them. On top of that she needed a batch of real Irish people to answer a questionnaire based on her project.

Well I was able to help her a bit with the background, although it was less necessary than I first imagined because she already had plenty of material and taught me a thing or two. Luckily I also have a friend in Dublin who rounded up the quota of interviewees and the upshot of it was that Panita's project scored the highest marks in her year. She has since embarked on a postgraduate course in International Relations. Drop her an email if you'd like to discuss anything she's written.


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