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Behind the Secret Door

Alchemist's laboratory

There aren't intended to be any books here at all. In the old days many grand libraries were built with a secret door behind a false panel of books, and that is kind of the intention here. The page is tucked away to avoid attention, but if you've found it, feel free to look around.

The original idea was to have an obscure space on the site for trying out new ideas and seeing how well they worked on-line. It still is up to a point, though there are of course much more discreet ways of testing out ideas online. I use it to keep connections handy.

Above left is an experiment in animation from a few years ago. A wonderfully lucky experiment as it turned out, because the illusion of two concentric rings rotating in opposite directions is in fact just that - an illusion. The whole disc is in fact turning the same way. Pure chance. Below is a neat moon-phase indicator that I came across on the net. I can't find any copyright claim in the code so I'm keeping it here till I find a more prominent use for it.

If you've ventured this far, you may be interested to know more about where I actually live, as opposed to this palace of dreams where unicorns drift through the gardens and wizards search for the Philosopher's Stone in forgotten wings of the building. Well, why not? It just so happens that I've done another website with the help of a few friends about exactly that. It began with people suggesting we do a local history project. Then, as I was just learning about websites, I suggested that might be the ideal place to gather material. And then of course I found I'd landed the job, though luckily others have since joined in.

Secret Garden Door

So if you'd like to see where I actually live click on the torch on the right and you'll be taken to a place that in its own way is just as magical as anything you've found in the Unicorn Garden.

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