ELRIC (detail, right)

Another of my favourites. For Chris it was one of those instances when he was reminded of why he became an illustrator in the first place, because this Moorcock character was one he had wanted to illustrate for ages. He spent five times longer on it than the fee merited, but for other reasons it was time which now seems well spent.




Just about my favourite picture in the book, though I can't quite put my finger on why. Perhaps it's the way the Buddha seems to be giving his blessing to the exchange of love going on below. Also how the bird flies by obliviously going about its own affairs.



Chris did this painting specifically for the book's back cover. He doesn't often feel justified in just taking time off to do a painting purely for the fun of it because generally he has deadlines hanging over his head, but the need for an original cover provided justification enough here. The point of the painting is that the siren didn't mean to lure the sailor to his death.

New Sirens cover

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On the left is the cover for the 2001 edition of the book featuring Boadicea who has always been one of Chris' most popular Amazons. As the book has become such a cult classic, not least with tattooists, it was decided to reprint the original rather than try and bring it up to date, which may have lost some of the magic. Published by Foundry Publications