SINGLES (best with four or more players)

•   Each player has one counter and throws a six-sided die to move, starting from the snail's head and aiming for the centre. The first to arrive is the winner.

•   Whether an exact throw is needed at the finish is optional, but must be agreed at the start. If an exact throw is chosen, you have to sit waiting at the end till it comes up, you don't go in and out of the centre.

•   If you land on another player, you send them back six places and take another turn. If the returning player lands on an occupied space, they must continue six more places until they find one vacant.

•   If you land on a black space you have another throw.

•   You do not get a second go for throwing a six.

COUPLES (best with four players)

•   This is much the same as Singles but each player now has two pieces.

•   You can move either piece. If one of your pieces lands on another, it moves to the space beyond.

•   A piece that lands on a black space must be moved next. You can never rest on black spots, that's why you get another throw.

•   The five spaces between the first two black holes in the spiral are now safe spots. If you are sitting on one you cannot be sent back. If at the start your throw lands you on one of these spots that is occupied (even by one of your own pieces) you cannot go.

•   The winner is the first to get both pieces home.

THREES (for three players)

•   The same as Couples but you have three pieces. The winner is the first to get all three home.

•   You need an exact throw at the finish.

FOURS (for two players)

•   The same as Threes but the two players now have four pieces each.