This is a pack of beautifully illustrated oracle cards calling on fallen angels who are on the side of neither God nor the Devil in the current ideological wars. They are interested, disembodied and often demonized spirts who sympathise with all sides of the biblical religions and are shared by all their Books. The angels' co-operation in creating the cards was really quite extraordinary. Try them and see for yourself.

Angels who have fallen from grace are represented in this pack - banished from Heaven for various reasons: some because when Adam was created they refused to bow before him and accept him as a superior being, others for almost the opposite reason - because they fell in love with the beautiful daughters of men and took them as wives. There are also the angels who fell to Earth seemingly by accident during the great war between Lucifer and the other archangels.


The Fallen Angel booklet includes a brief history of the origin of the angels represented in the pack plus instructions on how to lay out the cards as well as the meanings of each of the 72 cards. We learn of Zepar, the angel who takes the form of a handsome warrior and inspires women to fall passionately in love with men, often leading to heartbreak; Bileth, a powerful and unruly angel whose appearance generally signals an impending storm, a tumultuous upheaval in human affairs; Foras, an angel that usually appears as a strong, wise man who can show you how to achieve your ambitions through persuasion and quiet, eloquent diplomacy and Shax whose appearance can warn you to protect your wealth.

Choose a card from the accompanying deck for daily insight or lay them out for a reading, just like tarot...and you will find that your interpretations have depth and relevance. Fallen Angel is a pack of oracle cards that will help you to discover the art and wisdom of prediction.

The illustrations by artist Sarah Perkins were specially commissioned to evoke the dark charm of these fascinating, mysterious creatures, all of whom offer a special message for you.

Author Details

 Nigel Suckling  Dragon Tarot

Nigel Suckling is a respected author, writing in the mind, body and spirit and fantasy art fields. His books include those on angels, werewolves, faeries, vampires, witches and unicorns and he has published a best-selling deck of tarot cards, The Dragon Tarot (CICO Books 2005/2008/2018). He lives in Kent, England.