When I wrote this book I still worked on a portable typewriter. I tried to keep carbon- or photocopies of everything I posted off but there was some sort of panic at the last moment with this book and I sent the typescript off without taking a copy of the Bibliography. I consoled myself that I’d see it in print soon enough, but then the publishers decided to drop it and that was the last I saw of it. However, here's a chance to largely put that right.

Below in no particular order are some of the most interesting sources of unicorn lore I came across while researching the book. I’ll add others as I remember or come across them.

The worst part of losing the Bibliography is that I also lost the sources of the stories with which we open the book. I've managed to retrace most of them and will credit them in the appropriate placemake a list here in due course but it was particularly galling to lose the origins of Therese and the Unicorn, which I found in a really obscure set of extracts from Medieval chronicles, told much more briefly than I do because it kind of came to life on the page. Still, maybe it will turn up again eventually.

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