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Here are some links (in random order) to friends and colleagues in publishing; plus various others that seem relevant. Any contributions or suggestions are welcome. If you'd like to email me you can do so HERE.

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Wayne Anderson

The Garlands

Bruce Pennington

Boris & Julie

Ciruelo Cabral

David Delamare

Bob Eggleton

Danny Flynn

J.K. Potter

Jurgen Ziewe

Rodney Matthews

Paper Tiger

Adrian Buckley is a digital fantasy artist.
Adrian Buckley

Michael Fishel is an artist with whom I shared a publisher in the 1970s - Peter Ledeboer of Big O Posters.
More recently I helped him put together a book about Big O and its artists.

Michael Fishel

The British Library has a number of facsimile books available to view online,
including the Lindisfarne Gospels and Lewis Carroll's original manuscript of Alice
in Wonderland with his own illustrations, used as the basis for Tenniel's
more famous ones:

Go To The British Library

While all kinds of classic digital texts are available free on:
Go To Project Gutenberg

Most of the books I've been involved with are now out of print
but can probably be found here:

Go To Abe Books

Work by most of the fantasy artists on this site (plus many others)
can be found on:

Artists UK

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